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The Town of Dragonshore - Wilster's Oddities

Building name: Wilster's Oddities

Building type: Alchemistry and Wonderous Items








You explain to Wilster how the apparition gave you the bottle of ointment and that she said Drovin hated shiny objects. Reluctantly, Wilster takes the bottle from you.

Wilster: "Ok fine, ill look at your potion."

He snatches the bottle from you. Raising the bottle up into the air, Wilster slowly swirls the liquid around, watching it closely

Wilster: "Heh...thats interesting...its a fastinating color...Im not sure what this liquid is to be honest. Could be a liquid amber of some sort mixed with a catalyst, possibly Sunleaf Oil...I'll ran a few tests for you in the back room if you wouldn't mind waiting a moment?"

You agree to this. After a short wait Wilster returns to the shop front with the ointment in hand.

Wilster: "Well, the liquid is definitely magical, I can tell you that. As I was testing the liquid, I noticed the tips of my tongs become reflective as they touched this substance.Sunleaf Oil could do this theorically...Its very hard to find these days you know...The reflectivity only seems to last temporarily. I have no idea why anyone would require such a liquid. Regardless, I can apply this to your weapons for 40gp each if you like? There should be enough in here for 2 applications. I can't assertain how long it will last though, maybe a day..Who knows..."

Side Quest Complete

Gleaming Ointment

Item Required - Gleaming Ointment


You have just completed this side quest. You receive:

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